Set a desktop wallpaper using Group Policy

So, we are in an Windows Active Directory environment and we want to deploy the same wallpaper for all the users in the domain.

First, we need the create a share, readable by all the users, and put the wallpaper image inside that share. The share can be on the DC itself or on another domain-joined server.

Next step, we go to the DC, open Group Policy Management, select the domain and create a new GPO:

We give a name to the GPO and save it. Next, we right click on the newly created GPO and select Edit:

In the editor, we navigate to User Configuration – Policies – Administrative Templates – Desktop – Desktop:

On the list of policies, we open the one called Desktop Wallpaper and do two things:

  1. indicate the path and the name of the image
  2. enable the policy

Click OK and we’re done.
Note that it will take a log off / log on cycle on the client pc to see the policy in action.
The policy can be further customized according to some specific needs, but the basics are here.

Have fun!


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